6 Core skills the children learn

Rote Counting:

Enumerating numbers outloud one by one

Number Recognition:

Recognizing written digits

Object Counting:

Counting objects one by one to identify the total count

Numerical Magnitude Comparison:

Comparing two written digits and identifying which has more or less

Missing Number:

Observing a series of digits and identifying a missing number

Simple Additions:

Being able to add small numbers together

Partnership with ICM

AELF works with other NGOs by sharing with them its methods for early math education.

Since 2016-2017, International Care Ministries (ICM), a large non-profit organization helping underprivileged families in the Philippines, has adopted the parent coaching methodology of Arcanys Early Learning Foundation in their broad spectrum of programs. Since 2016, ICM has scaled the project to more than 15,000 families, with a target of over 4,000 additional families in 2022.