Dr. Sam Cheung
Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Catherine McBride-Chang
Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Have conducted a research study to test the effectiveness of the parent coaching program of the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation promoting young children’s early mathematical abilities (number sense) using a number card game (the ChildUp cards).

The findings will be written up and submitted for publication to an international journal sometime in 2013.

The initial findings of the study are

The families who received parent-child coaching had an increase in number sense abilities of 635% in a matter of 2.5 months of training (about 30 individual home visits) in parallel with a 2 hours daycare program, in comparison to an improvement of 90% for the control group of children who were only going to a 2 hours daycare. The improvement was therefore 7 times larger with regular home coaching than without.

What is being tested?

  1. Rote Counting: Enumerating numbers outloud one by one
  2. Number Recognition : Recognizing written digits
  3. Object Identification: Counting objects one by one to identify the total count
  4. Numerical Magnitude Comparison: Comparing two written digits and identifying which has more or less
  5. Missing Number: Observing a series of digits and identifying a missing number
  6. Simple Additions: Being able to add small numbers togethers

Information for other research entities or foundations

The Arcanys Early Learning Foundation is interested in assisting more research studies related to parent coaching for early mathematical development, or working with other NGOs supporting parents and children who would like to establish a similar endeavor in their area.

  1. If you are part of University research department and would like to inquire in more details about how to handle a similar research study with the Arcanys Foundation
  2. or If you work for an NGO and would like to replicate what the foundation is doing in another city or country

Please contact alan@arcanysfoundation.org.