Research has demonstrated that, “when children start school, their mastery of math and language fundamentals is the most important factor in predicting later academic achievement” (Prof. Greg J. Duncan, 2007).

The mission of the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation is to help parents of preschoolers to be the first teachers of their children, by supporting them with free educational activities and early learning methods and tools.

Following the best practices of parent coaching company ChildUp, the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation is focused on teaching – playfully but efficiently – the first steps in mathematics to children 3 to 5 years old in disadvantaged areas of Cebu City (Philippines), with the active support of their parents.


This just started as a small project where we wanted to help out families from a low income area of Cebu City called Ermita. Most of the families there barely live on $100 to $150 a month budget. We found 100 families that were receiving free daycare classes funded by the NGO Children of Asia. Children of Asia makes sure the families they are helping are really in the need, so it made sense for us to help them out as well. This is when we launched then an at-home math program based on the ChildUp parent coaching method.

History (continued)

It’s very simple. We hired 10 professional teachers, to teach basic math several times a week to children with the participation of a parent. Each visit took about an hour. First the teacher played various kinds of math games with the kid in front of the parent, and then the parent played the same games with their child, under the watchful eye of the teacher. It was quite varied and fun because we had created 40 math games to be played with the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards.

In total we ended up doing about 25 math lessons in 2 months. The parents also got some homework for the days we didn’t visit, so the children got to practice math every day. Practising math daily can sound tedious but the magic in all this is that we were involving the parent, with whom the children simply loved to spend time.

We never expected the results to be this positive. In just a couple of months, 3 year old kids that had almost no idea about math could then count out loud, could recognize digits, could identify quantities and even do simple additions.

This is when we decided to establish the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation, to continue and improve this endeavor and allow thousands more children to enjoy mathematics by the time they join elementary school.