The ChildUp Project

The Arcanys Early Learning Foundation funds are managed in a business
oriented manner with a great care in saving costs and spending only where
necessary. Thanks to its partners, the Foundation has been able to keep
its expenses to a minimum and make sure the vast majority of donations
is spent on the families it helps. Here is a brief summary of how your
donations are managed:

- Board of trustees
The board of trustees does not receive any compensation nor benefits for their work for the Foundation.

- Rent, electricity, internet lines, infrastructure of Foundation
None – Cost covered by Arcanys Inc.

- Administration, HR and day-to-day accounting
None – Cost covered by Arcanys Inc.

- Software tools of foundation and teachers
None – Cost covered by Arcanys Inc.

- Marketing & Public Relations expenses (website
design, marketing materials, branding, PR)
None – Cost covered by

When you donate $100, to support 30 math classes for one child, the money is spent the following way:

70% Salary of the teacher : $70

12% Food & snacks for the families: $12

6% 2 x Packs of ChildUp Game Cards at
production cost: $6 (instead of retail price $20)

5% Math competitions & prizes for
the families : $5

7% Various expenses: $7



Donate the amount of your choice: Donate

1 parent coaching math class at home $3.50

5 parents coaching math classes at home $17

1 month of intensive math class for 1 parent & child $34

3 months of intensive math class for 1 parent & child $100

3 months of intensive math class for 5 parents and children $500

3 months of intensive math class for 10 parents and children $1000

And you can also send your donations directly by bank transfer to:

Account Name Arcanys Early Learning Foundation, Inc.
Bank Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
Account No. 9003430042
Bank Swift Code RCBCPHMM
Bank Address Guadalupe Branch, M. Velez St., Cebu City

If you are a resident of Switzerland, you can make a tax-deductible donation to our Swiss foundation!

Account Name Fondation Arcanys
Bank UBS
Account No. (in CHF) 0243 – 157612.01M
IBAN (in CHF) CH07 0024 3243 1576 1201 M
Account No. (in EUR) 0243 – 157612.60L
IBAN (in EUR) CH08 0024 3243 1576 1260 L
Bank Swift Code UBSWCHZH80A
Bank Address Lausanne, Switzerland